Lots of spring news!

I am excited to share much news here:

1) Another article of mine was printed in the Nebraska ASTA Stringing Along Journal in Spring 2015. "The Dilemma (and Solution) of Trying to Be Creative," an article on guiding students in how to be creative in coming up with practice ideas.

2) I am thrilled to be participating in the Omaha Symphony Educator as Maestro program in June, with an opportunity to learn conducting and other leadership and rehearsal ideas from the Music Director Thomas Wilkins and Resident Director Ernest Richardson, along with my colleagues for the past 4 years in the orchestra. 

3) In the biggest news yet, I will be moving east this June with my fiancé (another conductor and educator, see here!) and will be the new Conductor for the Northeast String Orchestra in Clifton Park, NY! While I am sad to part from my good colleagues, friends, students, and community here in Omaha, I am so excited for the opportunities and musical experiences that await us, and am looking forward to meeting and working with all the new colleagues, friends, students, and communities!

Onward to summer!