From Collaborating Soloists, Composers, Artists, Ensembles, Individuals, Teachers, and Students:

You had a tough job to do, and you did it very well. We’re impressed.
— Los Angeles Guitar Quartet Soloists, 2017 Performance of 'Shiki'
I want to say “thank you” for such a nice performance of my composition.
— Shingo Fujii, Composer of "Shiki"

"It was a pleasure hosting you and we all thank you for your work with our kids...They had a great time and enjoyed your constant, positive pressure to bring out their best :) Thank you again, for everything!" -Host/Director of Junior High All-County Symphony Orchestra Festival, Monroe County, NY

I have really enjoyed the class and am looking forward to continuing next year! You've been a great teacher!! - Adult String Class Student

"I really, really enjoyed the class last week. I wanted to personally thank you for leading such an interactive, energizing and POSITIVE class. I'm inspired now to continue studying. Thank you again -- it was a wonderful experience!" - Adult String Class Student

"JoAnna is really fun! She has different techniques to help correct errors instead of being like 'do it over and over until it's right,' she provides great feedback." - Anonymous

"You do such a great job! I really enjoyed it and I hope you are able to come back again in the future.  The whole orchestra benefits from the work you do with us. Thank you!!" - Sarah Greenwald, concertmaster of GNO, WI

"Dear Miss Cochenet, Us students at Millard West would like to thank you for coming and being a part of our 2014 Holiday Concert. It was a lot of fun to experience a new conductor! It was a bit of a challenge, because we had to look up more, but that is perfectly ok. We need to get into that habit anyways :) We hope you had fun with your experience at Millard West with us. We hope you achieve your dreams as well. Thank you so much! - Millard West Orchestra", NE

"You were terrific! With such little time--you made every minute count! ... Today the students were reflecting on the concert, and several of them mentioned how much they enjoyed your conducting!" - Orchestra Director at Visiting School, NE

"This system [Priority Pyramid] made me feel more confident in learning something new." - elementary student at master class/lecture, WI

"I really felt better and more confident with you sitting and playing next to me and helping to teach me this weekend." - high school student at orchestra festival side-by-side, NE

This clinic was great. You saved our concert.
— Community Orchestra Director, WI

"Thank you so much! You did a wonderful job with our children. I couldn't be more proud of you." - her former teacher, at orchestra festival, WI

"You really have such a great demeanor and it allows the students to feel comfortable in the room." - symphony player and local orchestra director regarding student contest festival, NE

"It's because of you that I'm going to major in music in college. Thanks for teaching me." - former viola student who continued on to study at Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, WI

"Thank you for the years of teaching you gave me. I had lots of fun and laughed a lot. I have learned a TON... It has been a pleasure being your student! Your future students are VERY lucky! I wish you the best and hope to see you again!" -former (elementary) student, NE

"I want to congratulate you on your informative article in the Bridge ASTA magazine. I read it over break and found it very helpful. Thank you :)" - Music Educator & Orchestra Director, NY

“…I have only heard positive things regarding the music and your presence so far here at Grace. The children singing on Mother’s Day was a hit, and from my personal perspective, last week’s choir performing the [Veni, Sancte Spiritus] was absolutely moving! Great job.” – Church committee member, NY

You really made a difference, and brought them up to a much higher level than I think they’d imagined they could do!
— Youth Orchestra Board Member, Violin Private Teacher, NY

From Parents/Families:

"My son is currently 11 and has been studying music with private instructors for the past 4 years. He first started off with piano and then took up the violin. I’ve had the chance to observe a handful of music instructors over the years, their pedagogy and their effectiveness. By far JoAnna is the best! Her approach to music is truly to meet each child where they are at and to make music fun and accessible, yet challenging for them. We’ve been with JoAnna for close to a year now and my son came to her with a pretty good foundation in music, but she was able to uncover in lesson one several of the mechanics of playing the violin that was hindering him. She’s interested in her students as people and uses music as an outgrowth of who they naturally are. She is engaging with the parents and helps them to be as much a part of the process as they desire. The lessons, tools and resources that she uses are all tailored to your child, not a cookie cutter approach to music. We are so happy with the quality of the services provided by JoAnna and would highly recommend her to any discerning parent interested in either exposing their children to strings or giving them a head up in their music progression if they are already an experienced player." - Shanna Brewton-Tiayon

“Thank you for being such a wonderful conductor. I especially appreciate that you have exposed [my daughter] to a wide genre of music.”

Thank you Ms. Cochenet for giving [my daughter] such a wonderful experience with music! …Your creative and enlivening approach, along with your kind understanding at so many points has made a difference. It is amazing to see how much she has developed in her playing and camaraderie with the group this year!

“Dear JoAnna, Thank you for everything you did for [student] this year.  With you placing her in something of a leadership role, her competitive spirit, her sense of responsibility to the orchestra, and her pride in accomplishment as well as her self-confidence were all grown significantly. Those are hugely important facets in the character of a growing person and often not easy to come by... so, again, thank you for that.  The orchestra, too, had to be extraordinarily proud of itself for its performance Sunday.  They sounded great.  They (and you) should be especially proud of "Bop".  I know that I was tremendously impressed with their progress from their first days with this piece to where you brought them in the end.  I wish I would have video taped some of those earlier rehearsal so I could show [her] how ridiculously improved the orchestra had become by its final performance of this difficult piece... it was as if two different entities were playing it.  I'll confess that, after those early rehearsals, I didn't think they were going to be able to make the piece sound even coherent much less sound good.  But I thought their performance Sunday was very, very good.  I hope [the guest] was pleased.   I know that when [she] is asked by someone what she is playing with orchestra, that "Bop" is the first piece she shows them because it just looks difficult and impressive. Anyway, JoAnna, thank you...”

"She is very happy to be working with you; you are a wonderful influence and bring out the best in her." 

"My child has so much fun in your class!"

“They love their violin lessons with you, they are learning so much, and leave your lessons so joyful…music truly makes the world a lighter and brighter place!”

"Your encouraging words as his teacher are the best...thank you so much for introducing and mentoring him into the world of music."

 "We love your approach to teaching and your passion for music.  It definitely comes through and we are lucky to have you..."

"You are a wonderful teacher and really do make the violin come alive!!! You've done a great job...you are one of the best teachers I've ever met!!!! They have learnt so much from you."

"You are an amazing teacher."

You have a gift. You do so well with these little ones, we feel so lucky to have you as our teacher. We really love our violin lessons.

"We've been so impressed with you as a teacher and the way you interact with [student]."

"We've been very happy with you as [student]'s teacher these past several years."

"I appreciate the time you've given [my daughter]. I love that she continues to say "yes" when I ask her if she wants to do another year, you are certainly a part of that "yes.""

"You have been a wonderful inspiration and role model. [Student] is so fortunate to have been in your care."

You’ve made a huge impact on our entire family. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us.