Clinics and Guest Conducting

Please browse the following options for more information, and utilize the contact form to connect and include details about your request, or questions regarding your specific needs. Please allow for the maximum advanced notice possible in order to reserve dates.

Orchestra Clinics, Workshops, and Adjudication

Ms. Cochenet is an avid music educator and provides constructive and effective techniques to achieve superior artistic and technical quality in ensembles through her unique performer-centered teaching and directing style. Clinics are available for any situation, primarily helpful for special event preparation such as for district and state festivals, festival adjudication, concert performances, tour preparation, building confidence and setting higher standards in rehearsal and performance settings. Clinics are also available for short or long-term workshops, camps, or institutes. These opportunities can be done during normal meeting times or at another pre-determined specified time.

Guest Conducting

Guest conducting is available for chamber, string, and full orchestral ensembles for individual pieces or partial and full concert programs. Collaborations with ensembles include but are not limited to the following groups: K-12, university, community, pre-professional, semi-professional, professional, and contemporary music. Ms. Cochenet has conducted ensembles in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Maryland, Nebraska, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Ukraine.

Coachings, Lessons: Online or in Person

Update: Individual lessons and individual or small ensemble one-time coachings are available now via Skype or in person! (string study, chamber music, score study and interpretation, conducting). For current rates, please contact artist.

Clinic fees may vary depending on the demands and budget of the requesting organization.

To support or sponsor these and other similar events and services in order to help make them possible for others, please contact artist.