Music and Education

Publications, Writings, Other Works and Documents


"Clinic Ideas for Your Ensemble or Organization." The Bridge, Newsletter of the New York Chapter of American String Teachers Association. Featured Article. Annual, 2015.

"A Woman Leading An Orchestra," JoAnna Cochenet, Women in Higher Education, Vol 24, Issue 2, Copyright © February 2015 Wiley Periodicals, Inc., A Wiley Company. - article on the rarity of a woman leading an orchestra

"The Dilemma (and Solution) of Trying to Be Creative." Stringing Along, Newsletter of the Nebraska Chapter of American String Teachers Association (Spring 2015): 10-12. Print. -article on guiding students in how to be creative in practice ideas / Selected and reprinted in the August 2015 Issue of the main American String Teachers Journal, 94-5.

"In Praise of Three Teachers: A Memorable Concert." My Community Now. West Allis Now, January 5, 2015. Web. January 6, 2015.

"Priority Pyramid." Stringing Along, Newsletter of the Nebraska Chapter of American String Teachers Association (Spring 2014): 18-21. Print. - article on teaching practice methods


2014 Full Orchestra Warm-ups for Clinics with an Unfamiliar Ensemble - helpful basic tool for a guest conductor

More documents are being compiled and will be available at a later date, in the book listed below.


2014: The following listed on academic website:


"A Global Musical Mission" - my mission of social responsibility and impact of music education

"A Lifetime of Preparation" - preparing for a career in music and teaching

"Bliss of the Orchestral Sound" - for the pure love and joy of orchestral sound

"In Praise of Three Teachers: A Memorable Concert" - a short accolade to three of the most inspiring teachers of my school age

"Taking Back Control of My Inner Ear" - on maintaining a well-trained ear after working with non- professionals

"That's Not Music! That's Not Even Natural!" - on an a-musical experience

"The 21st Century Disappearing Folk Song Culture" - on the effects of the 21st century lifestyle as it pertains to folk music

"Thoughts on Thinking" - on teaching students how to think, especially in the 21st century

"Who is Teaching Whom" - an accolade to students as well as teachers, and the teaching vocation

Programs and Projects:

Children and Family Orchestra Concert Program Concepts (in progress)

Works in Progress:

  • Book 

           Applying Creative Techniques to Learning Styles in Music and Music Education (working title)

Observations of different learning styles in students and helpful activities for teaching music along with non- musical material, through the use of Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences and other research on learning processes

  • Poetry and other Writing

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From Score Selection to Performance: Teaching from the Podium, A Discussion and Analysis of Works by Copland, Schubert, Kimber, Vivaldi, Vaughan Williams, and Kilar." Master's Thesis. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2010.

"Graduate Viola Performance Recital." Master's Thesis. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2010.

Compositions and Arrangements:

B Minor String Quartet. 2007. Performed May 2013, Alice Buffett Middle School Orchestra Concert, Omaha, NE.  Received Honorable Mention in College Division 2007 Iowa Composers Forum.

Bubbles for String Quartet. 2006. Performed at the 2006 Coe College Cultural Show. 

Other music including for: viola and piano, voice and piano, string trio.